About Us

TJ Peel  is a specialist boutique firm of IT, Digital and Technology sector recruitment consultants which provides expert talent recruitment solutions to clients as part of their talent management and human resource management strategy.

What we are about

We were founded by Nick Maher after working for over 20 years in recruitment and staffing, initially at Michael Page, and then as owner/co-founder at Hitchenor Maher.

Our range of talent recruitment solutions evolved from:

  • Nick’s own experiences and frustrations, as owner/leader of a fast growing SME, in identifying and attracting candidates for strategically important roles.
  • Nick’s thorough understanding of the changing technological and global economic landscape, and how the increasing use of mobile technology and social media will affect employer branding and the search for talent.

What we do

The solutions and services we employ in finding key talent for clients are a natural evolution to the services provided by Nick’s previous recruitment business, and include

What we recruit

We will work with any progressive organisation in commerce and industry who are looking for help in identifying and attracting key professional, managerial or leadership talent in disciplines including:

However, we place no limitations on the sectors in which we work as our expertise and tools are easily transferrable. Here are the most frequent sectors in to which we recruit:

What’s important to us

What is most important to us is building a relationship and a thorough understanding of the culture of our clients to enable us to help find the talent with the best cultural fit for any professional/managerial role or executive appointment.

Please explore this site to find out more about how TJ Peel can help you or make contact if you would like to discuss our services.

Expert solutions for sourcing top IT, Digital and Technology sector talent.