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Why use TJ Peel?


This page could easily be perceived as the usual blah blah you read on the web site of any firm of recruitment consultants but read on and hopefully it will give you a better understanding of our personality and the culture, ethics and philosophies that are the core DNA of TJ Peel.

The recruitment industry has some draconian practices and methodologies which we are keen to distance ourselves from. We prefer to live by a different set of rules where finding the brightest talent for exciting and progressive employers in an ethical and professional way is the driver.

Many recruitment companies are tele-marketers, cv pedlars, spammers, coercing candidates into jobs – lacking in expertise, ethics and professional standards, just sales people looking to make a commission percentage on the fees their employers receive. If you have spent any time recruiting staff you’ll know they exist and that they add little or no value to the process.

At TJ Peel were are passionately committed to add value in the middle between candidates and employers and earn our fees by saving our clients time, resource and, ultimately, money in the recruitment process.

If you have a lot of experience of using recruitment agencies then you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Our primary role is to help our clients find those individuals who can make a positive difference to their performance either through an immediate contribution or, in the longer-term, by demonstrating high levels of potential.

To achieve this we sift through the pool of potential candidates to find the diamonds using various tools available to identify, connect with and vet talented people, and introduce them to our clients who seek their talents.

A bi-product of our primary role is that during our contact with candidates they get good career advice because our expertise means we see the career paths which successful people take and we get to discuss with them the decisions behind those career moves.

Our network is critical to us, so we encourage good candidates to send us their cv’s and searching our candidate database is one of a range of tools we employ to identify people.

Ours is a boutique relationship driven service that isn’t based on recruitment agency mass marketing but on expertise and relationship building with candidates and employers alike! Relationships which we value above everything else.

So, we don’t engage in any recruitment practices that are, in our opinion, unethical such as peddling cv’s without the candidate’s permission to open doors.

We are in the game for the long term.

If you’ve reached the end of the page and can identify with what we believe in then please make contact to discuss how we can help you.

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