This article is not a rant and rave against job seekers; I am extremely grateful to them for accepting jobs and allowing me to make my living as a recruitment consultant. Who would be so crass as to bite the hand that feeds them?

Instead I’m writing this post as a sort of mild ticking off to those candidates that behave in a way that doesn’t help me, doesn’t help the hiring process, doesn’t help my clients and ultimately doesn’t help themselves. Naturally there is an equally valid post job seekers could write in reply outlining how some recruitment consultants let them down but that is for others to write.

Here are my top 5 job seeker faux-pas that annoy me and other recruitment consultants:

#1 A failure to communicate

Nothing kills a hiring a process quicker than radio silence. Keep the dialogue going, make sure everyone knows what’s going on, respond to questions and requests in a timely fashion

#2 Playing the field

Many job seekers think the best strategy is to sign up to as many firms of recruitment consultants as possible as that way they will get the maximum exposure to the maximum number of vacancies. What actually happens is this spread-bet works against you as recruitment consultants begin to argue who introduced you to the client first and the client ends up becoming irritated with the confusion. Choose the right recruitment consultant for you (your sector/level/discipline/location) and not every firm in the phone book

#3 Using me as leverage

Tell me straight if you’re not interested in the job opportunity I’m selling to you. I’m a big boy. I can take it. I can move on and find someone else.  Don’t coyly batter your eyelids at me, go part the way down the process and then drop it on your boss what’s happening so you can bump up your salary

#4 Acceptance of a counter-offer

This is the daddy of all misdemeanours.There was a reason you were looking to change jobs and accepting a “sticky-plaster” solution from your current boss to stay won’t have really changed things. It lets you down, me down, my client down and more often than not you’ll be back looking again soon (but with one less recruiter and one less potential employer who can help you)

#5 Short circuiting

I know you’re keen.I like that you’re keen. I can even (sort of) appreciate your wherewithal for trying to push the process along by circumventing the hiring process I’ve designed. But, truth be told, I designed the process that way to be fair to everyone and give my client the best possible outcome. Jumping in with direct emails and calls, cutting me out of the loop, badgering the client doesn’t help me to help you.

OK, any readers who are job seekers feel free to jump in and respond with the top 5 things recruitment consultants do to annoy you (I think I can guess the first one …. it will match the first on the above list). Any readers who are recruitment consultants by all means comment with your own additions to how job seekers annoy you.

Photo credit: cartoon by Nick. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.