Looking for a new job?

We use a number of tools, technologies and strategies to help us in identifying candidates for our clients including contingent search, executive search and advertised selection.

We are more than happy to receive cv’s from IT, Digital and Technology sector professionals in technical, sales, operational and executive roles to add to our database and help build our professional network.

We would love to hear from you to help with your career search, but just to be up front with you – we cannot meet everybody who sends us their details, and we do have to filter in order to focus on those people who we can genuinely help.

These days face to face meetings are not always necessary. Especially with technology like Skype available to us. Unless you have a specific set of skills and experience that we think might be of interest to our clients the time for us to meet is when we are retained on an assignment and want to assess you against our client’s brief to us.

We understand why you are keen to meet in person. But, please don’t take it personally, we genuinely can’t meet everyone who gets in touch with us because if we did our schedules would end up grid locked and we’d generally not be as productive as we could be on our clients behalf. They are, after all, the ones who pay us!

Hopefully you will understand that there are potentially a lot of you out there active and interested in a career move. It just is not physically possible to meet you all. Sorry!

So, by all means send us your cv, and attach a short introductory video if you really want to stand out, and if we think we can help you we will call you to fill in any gaps.

Don’t worry, if we get an interesting role that you look a good fit for, we’ll find you and then we can have a thorough meeting, either face to face, or on Skype, to discuss a particular job brief.

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